A Season of Becoming

March 5, 2017

Sounds like a sappy movie title, doesn’t it? Ha! But man, oh man, this is where I’m at right now. I’d love to know if you can relate.

I have this morning ritual where I (somewhat begrudgingly) set my alarm and creep out of bed before the rest of the house wakes and brew myself a cup of tea (PG Tips is my current kick. #mustbeblacktea). I climb upstairs to the window seat in my office and hoist the window open. Rain or shine, warm or cool, I invite the outdoors in and sit and soak and “be”. I try to beat the sunrise so I can watch it ease slowly over the horizon and I mentally brace myself for the day ahead.

I see the blossoms opening and the world warming up and becoming new again after, well, to be honest, a pretty short and finicky winter. (I had forgotten how Texas winters can flirt with you.) Nevertheless, a beautiful, fresh innocence is opening day by day as each variety of flora waits for their moment to shine – first the daffodils, then the peach trees, the Carolina Jasmine, and of course, the dandelions.

And if I experience a win in business, I realize that I’ve completely forgotten to work out. For an entire week.

Everything is becoming new again. All of the winter dormancy and dreariness bursting forth with beauty and delight. I think about my own life, and to be completely honest, I’ve felt very stuck in my own personal winter “dormancy”. I’ve been working hard but it feels like an uphill struggle most of the way. Each time I feel success in one area of life – take motherhood, for example, where kids are well feed, clothed, ears mostly clean and we are connected, I turn around and see areas of our business that need attention. And if I experience a win in business, I realize that I’ve completely forgotten to work out. For an entire week.

To top it all off, I’ve discovered that my deadly sin is that of “slothfulness”. Yikes. That doesn’t feel good to own. At all. Nonetheless, I can see how it is fitting. All too often I feel overwhelmed with all of the hats to wear, the plates to spin and end up paralyzed with a cup of tea in a window seat. (If you want to pinpoint your deadly sin, check out The Road Back to You.)

How are we supposed to define “wins” in life when there’s always something lacking no matter how hard we try?

One of the most important discoveries, however, is that my winter dormancy and feeling of “stuckness” is the result of much, much needed growth in my life as a person. That I’m not realizing my business goals because I haven’t grown to that capacity as a leader yet and I’m not yet in a place to steward those responsibilities. That many times my feelings of overwhelm in my home are because I’m not managing my time well. If we are feeling stuck, perhaps we need to ask the Lord for help in becoming more of who we are called to be.

What is the answer to break out of the dormancy? To shrug off the menacing sloth that creeps back over my shoulders every single day?

Today I heard a message that talked about how the secret to huge accomplishments is the willingness to simply “start”. We don’t have to have faith for the outcome, only the faith to begin. I feel overwhelmed with the outcome in every area of life right now. The outcome of our business goals, my goals with the children and how they’ll turn out; goals with our home and keeping my marriage healthy and vibrant; the outcome of fitness goals and even just figuring out what all of these blessed goals are supposed to be in the first place. (And heaven forbid I start a vegetable garden, only to have it end up an overgrown jungle of fire ants again.)

This life is a journey of growth. I don’t want to be stuck in winter forever. I want to be found faithful and equipped for whatever is next.

Then plan, then, is to decide in advance what the “wins” for this week will be. Without defining success, it’s going to be very difficult to track it and to feel successful. What will the household wins be? For me it’s folding the mountain of laundry, making the grocery run, pulling out some dead bushes in the flowerbed and a bonus-cherry-on-top simplifying my closet and assessing my wardrobe for our upcoming cruise. What will the wellness wins be? For me it’s consistent intake of 3 extra supplements + water that I constantly forget. What will the fitness win be? Workout 2x’s this week (that part made me shudder). What will the personal spiritual wins be? Making my prayer list for the week and putting eyeballs and heart into each line daily. What will the homeschool wins be? What will the business wins be? Breaking these out helps us to touch each area of life that needs care. We can’t possibly do it all, but we can do something.

So, it’s time to start. To make a plan. Baby steps, people. It’s time to plot out the realistic “wins” for the week and to make some progress. Let’s fight the slothful beast with arrows dipped in productivity and vision (<– awesome metaphor right there). We have to be specific about what those “wins” will be because it won’t all get done.

And if we don’t have a vision, let’s pray for it. And if we don’t “feel” productive, let’s JUST DO IT. Do something.

Because if you shoot at nothing, you will surely hit it.

What is ONE win you will shoot for this week??

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