The Number One Rule for Blogging

December 19, 2016

Want to know the number one rule for blogging? Be consistent and never have to say, “I’m back!”

Alas, I’m a rule breaker, what can I say? šŸ™‚ Truth is, I am back and I come to you with a full heart and clear(er) vision for what I want this place to be.

Over the past year we’ve encountered a lot of change. Good changes, challenging changes. I am constantly evaluating who I am, areas I need to expand and grow, how to juggle and balance work and family. I fight tendencies to hibernate and keep my life to myself – it’s challenging to put myself out there. But, I think it can be a healthy challenge to focus on bringing value to another person – and that it what I want to do here.

Whether you are a mom who’s struggling to be more intentional with the kids or an entrepreneur who’s trying desperately to make it happen, I hope that you can find encouragement here. I don’t have it all together, but I think we do better sharing our struggles and our successes in community.

What are some things your like to chat about over the next little bit? Time management? How to stay sane whilst building a home business with kids? Understanding personalities – both in business and at home? Balancing hustle and motherhood? What to have for dinner?!

Happiest of holidays and I look forward to doing 2017 with you!



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  • Kara December 23, 2016 at 10:21 pm

    Welcome back Callie! I love reading your blog, it’s real, it’s thought provoking, and you have a way with words. I’m inspired to carve out time for myself to get back to something I really enjoy….piano. Music unlocks my inner “happy” and helps me reconnect just a little. See you around!